Friday, July 15, 2016

Wolf Hollow

The time is 1943 and Annabelle's family lives in a small town.  They are well to do for their town but still work hard.  Annabelle's goes to school, does her chores, and has a pretty normal life.  But when Betty comes to town things change.  Betty is a bully and goes after Annabelle and others in her anger.  Annabelle tries to stay out of her way and fortunately Toby is around to help her a few times.  Toby is a WWI vet.  He's a little odd.  He lives in a shed by himself, wanders around the surrounding hills, and doesn't really talk to anyone.  Annabelle's family often leaves him food and let him use their camera.  

But not everyone like Toby's odd ways and when a girl gets seriously hurt and then Annabelle's brother also gets hurt accusations start flying.  Then Betty goes missing and everyone fears the worst.  Can Annabelle prove that Toby is harmless and that Betty is the one causing problems?

So good - Annabelle's inner turmoil,the honest and painful plot.  Loved this book.

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