Sunday, July 10, 2016

Momotaro: Xander and the Lost Island of Monsters

I have seen a lot of books based on folklore - Asian folklore in particular this year.  I think that is pretty cool that tales from other cultures are being recognized.  This book is about Xander who in all honesty is nothing special - not athletic, not a great student.  He likes to draw and that's about it.  He is lucky to have Peyton as a friend because Peyton is popular and athletic and helps keep Xander from being teased.  Life is going along pretty normally except that there are weird climate change events and natural disasters.  Then, a huge tsunami strikes their home on a mountain and takes his father.  It is then that Xander learns he is actually a Momotaro and it is up to him to save his dad - oh, and the world.  With the help of Peyton, his dog, and a mysterious girl, Xander learns how to conquer the evil in the world with faith and imagination.

This book was okay but I had some trouble getting really hooked by it.  I think students who enjoy Percy Jackson and other books based on myths, legends, and folktales and especially Japanese culture will enjoy this.

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