Sunday, July 31, 2016

Far From Fair

For Odette life is far from fair.  Her father was willingly laid off to protect the jobs of three other workers and then he and her mother decided to sell the house and everything in it and buy a camper.  Now her family will be on a grand adventure - homeschool, travel.  Her dad even bought her a dog - but no one asked what she wanted.  One of the main reasons to travel is to see her Grandma who has been sick.  But no one told Odette just how sick Grandma really is.  Can Odette learn that life is not always fair but she should cherish it anyway?

This was a quick read, short chapters but kind of a downer - Grandma has terminal cancer and decides that she will decide when to end her life, her parents are struggling (even though Odette is pretty sure she hears them doing something in the camper), and her brother sounds like he is on the spectrum.  There were some light points but overall it was a sad book.

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