Wednesday, March 30, 2016

We Will Not Be Silent

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As usual Russell Freedman does an excellant job of researching and doumenting a historical event.  In this case we learn about the White Rose Student Resistance Movement during World War II.  This is primarily the story of Hans Scholl and his sister Sophie.  I found the book very informative.  For my school - only up to grade 5 - I think the content gets too graphic (beheadings) for the majority so while I enjoyed the book, I will not be purchasing for my library.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Red: The True Story

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I believe I have read all the books in the series.  Gotta be honest, I think Rump was my favorite.  Maybe because Rumplestiltskin is not usually a character you like or that gets many stories about himself.  The other two books - Jack and now Red are not as unique.  There are so many versions especially about Red Riding Hood.  I did like some of the aspects of the story and the ending was pretty good but overall it didn't grab me.  

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Melvin Invents Music

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Melvin is born into a fishing community in the north.  The seasons - winter and preparing for winter - are full of work and struggle.  Melvin is different though.  He was born with rhythm and it must come out.  So, Melvin invents music - instruments and tunes.  But, not everyone appreciates his invention - they want him to be normal.  So Melvin is sent to a special school where he finds others just like him.  But instead of becoming "normal" Melvin and his friends create a band, more instruments, and more music.  But what happens when the fame goes to his head???

Funny story, cute way of looking at how music may have come about and the pitfalls of fame.  An enjoyable read...

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Six Kids and a Stuffed Cat

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Interesting... when I requested from Edelweiss I saw the cover on the left.  I thinkoverall I like it better. The cat on the right doesn't really looked stuffed.

6 kids take shelter in the bathroom during a storm. They talk, bond, make friends, share secrets.  The book is really short because it is then followed by a script for the story (clever touch).  

It had a "Breakfast Club" feel.  While I thought there were somefunny moments, especially with the boy we meet first and the air guitar playing boy - overall I was disappointed. There wasn't enough meat to it to make me rave about it and many unanswered questions.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Secrets of the Seven: The Eureka Key

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Sam loves puzzles and pranks but when he wins a contest that promises a vacation of alifetime he finds himself in the middle of a very dangerous puzzle.  With the other winner, Martina, a mysterious boy Theo, and their guardian Evangeline, Theo sets out to solve puzzles left by none other than Ben Franklin himself.  Of course, there are other people who want to solve the puzzle and find the first of 7 hidden keysin order to control a powerful weapon.  Can Sam's skills and Martina's knowledge of history help them stay one step ahead?

Loved this!!!  Part National Treasure, part Alex Rider, all action and adventure.  Great first installment in this new series.