Sunday, July 24, 2016

These Dark Wings

I wish I had noticed that this was the first in a new trilogy before I started reading it.  Then I might not have been so bummed by the cliff hanging, big reveal ending.  Grrr...

World War II is on and Anne Cooper is living the best she can while London is bombed.  She doesn't remember her father who died in the North Sea and then at the beginning of the book she is told that her mother died while riding a bus during one of the air raids.  Now Anne is living at the Tower of London with an uncle she never met who takes care of ravens.  The legend is that as long as there are ravens at the Tower, the country will be okay.

Ann takes it upon herself to help with the ravens but as the war rages on the ravens start to die or disappear.  Meanwhile, there are constant bombings, friend issues, and a mysterious man that she sees at the Traitor's Gate.

There was a lot of action and I enjoyed the aspects about the war itself and also Anne's friendship with one of the boys living at the tower.  There was a lot of sadness due to the bombings.  What got me the most was the surprise reveal at the end leading to the sequel.  I didn't see that coming and it frustrated me more than anything to leave the book like that. 

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