Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Little Dee and the Penguin

For anyone who actually ever reads my blog you probably know I am not a big graphic novel fan.  I think it is because I read so quickly that I have a hard time slowing down enough to "read" the graphics as well.  So while I did not really like this book myself, my students will probably enjoy it.

The book is about a menagerie of characters - an orphaned girl, a bear, a dog, a vulture, and a lost penguin.  The girl, ends up with the animals after her dad's funeral and she joins them on a madcap journey to return the penguin to his family - barely keeping ahead of two polar bears.  The bickering between characters was fun and the message was good.  Because Dee doesn't talk it was hard for me to "relate" to her or feel like she was a main character, but in the end she brought them all together.  

So, while I didn't particularly like...this book will be in the library and my students will enjoy it.

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