Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Oh yes, I liked this.  Back to a Dystopian novel without all the killing.  This one is reminiscent of The Giver.  

In this society, after the Warming, survivors live in the city.  There they do their assigned jobs and everyone gets along.  There are no machines, no music, no art...  It's actually quite boring - at least to Callie, a computer who does math tasks all day long but wishes for more excitement and more meaning.

Jeremy lives in a different area and his job is a dreambender.  He can look into people's dreams and alter them to fit the "Plan".  If someone dreams of inventing something he can shut it down.  But, when he is told to change Callie's dream of singing - he can't.

This begins an adventure where the people in the city and the dreambenders collide.  

I liked the book and some of the ethical considerations.  My only complaint was that it tied up rather neatly and quickly at the end - not quite enough conflict.  

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