Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Secret Keepers

Rueben is an adventurous boy - sneaking around, hiding, and climbing.  On one particularly rough climb he finds a mysterious watch.  Thinking he can sell it to help his mom out he takes it around to all sorts of shops where he meets with suspicion and downright thievery.  One owner though tells him that the watch is valuable and wanted.  Soon Rueben finds himself hiding from the mysterious Smoke who wants the watch.  Rueben also figures out what the watch does.  When he attempts to return the watch to the place engraved on it he finds a mystery that spans over a hundred years.  With the help of the lighthouse "secret" keepers Rueben sets out to discover the mystery of the watch and why the Smoke wants it so bad.

Lots of adventure and for a 512 page book it read rather quickly.  Enjoyed it.

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