Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies

What a cool book!!  One of the first in a long time that I had a hard time putting down.  But, up front let me say I will not be putting it in my library or recommending for MSBA due to swearing, underage drinking, and sex (I will probably see if the junior high or high school library want it).

Aspen Quick's family has a special power that keeps the cliff outside of town intact.  If they did not use their power of "reaching" the cliff would crumble and take out the whole town.  At least that is what Aspen has always been told.  Aspen is a great "reacher".  He can touch an item belonging to someone and then reach out and take something from them - an emotion, talent, physical attribute.  Aspen has grown up with this and using his talent comes without any second thoughts because it is helping to save the town and what's the harm in using it to for some personal benefit.  

But there is some mystery surrounding his cousin Heather's death and a boy who suddenly can't see and his grandmother who isn't really his grandmother.  

Lots to love here - ethics, some mystery, friendship, with a healthy dose of fantastical elements.  Funny when I read it I was imagining the Man of the Mountain in New Hampshire.  Maybe a family there was keeping it from crumbling - until they, like the Quick family in the book, decided not to anymore ;0

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