Monday, July 11, 2016

Swan Boy

Johnny's father has recently died and he, his mother, and his younger brother Mojo have moved to a smaller apartment.  Johnny struggles with fitting in and gets off on the wrong foot immediately with the school bully.  Instead of a normal punishment, a teacher asks the boys to be a part of Swan Lake.  But how can dancing and acting like a swan help Johnny with his popularity?  

This book is filled with Johnny struggling with his identity, with loss, and with bullying.  I often struggle with books about bullying.  I work in a school and I hope the bullying is not as bad as is portrayed in this book.  There is fighting, skipping school, etc.  In the end I liked the book and its message but I still am unsure about whether I would have this in the library - not only for the bullying aspect but due to the highly British nature of the book.  Hmmm.

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