Saturday, July 16, 2016

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Okay, I loved this so much.  Possibly because I am totally fascinated by and the idea of Escape Rooms (haven't gone yet, want to).  I love mysteries, puzzles, challenges.

Ted is an escape room master.  He can solve games quickly.   When Ted goes to visit his dying great uncle he is a bit baffled by the conversation about his gaming and how he is told that the box is just the beginning and to go for broke.  Weird.  Then when his uncle dies and leaves his apartment and its treasure to Ted... well, then it starts getting interesting.  With the help of his best friend and a new girl in town, Ted scrambles to solve the puzzles and uncover the mystery.  But, it's not all fun and games because there are others looking for this treasure as well.

Yep...loved it.  A bit of history tied in, puzzles, friendship...  Thinking there will be more to it since a few things were left unsolved but it wasn't a bad ending...

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