Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Maxine (Max) is really excited when a robot student is integrated into her school and she is chosen to help guide him around.  This robot has been programmed to use fuzzy logic and to solve problems and reprogram itself.  At first Fuzzy experiences some glitches but as time goes on he becomes more self aware.  Fuzzy's biggest mission is to help Max who keeps getting discipline tags from the Assistant Principal Barbara (who is a computer).  She is also failing tests that she thought she did well on.  In Barbara's attempt to make the school a better place is she singling out students who are troublemakers?  Meanwhile, Fuzzy's mission is more than it seems and there are those who would like to steal either Fuzzy or his programming.

This was a fun, light sci fi book that had enough of the robots becoming self aware to give it some meat but also humor and lighthearted action as well.  Loved it!

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