Sunday, July 24, 2016

The Turn of the Tide

This is the story of 2 cousins - Kai and Jet.  Kai is half Japanese and lives in Japan with his parents - both nuclear engineers and near his grandparents.  Jet lives on the Pacific coast in Oregon.  Her father is a bar pilot.  When an earthquake and then tsunami hit Kai's town his life is changed forever.  To keep him safe in the aftermath Kai is sent to stay with his American relatives.  Jet meanwhile is struggling with friendships and with her own desire to someday be a bar pilot.

Together Kai and Jet overcome hesitations and misunderstandings and train for the Treasure Island Race.  But winning isn't everything as Kai and Jet discover during the race.

I really enjoyed this book.  Good action between the characters.  Some middle school drama but it wasn't overboard.  A nice story of determination, forgiveness, and friendship.

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