Thursday, July 7, 2016

Patrick Griffin's Last Breakfast on Earth

Nothing exciting ever happens to Patrick Griffin - the middle of seven children.  That is until the day he is accidentally left home alone.  Patrick figures it is the perfect time to try a chemistry experiment.  Unfortunately the experiment doesn’t work and it coincidentally leads to a bizarre adventure.  At the exact time of his failed experiment a jackalope for another world is sent to Earth.  As a result, he is sent to Ith - a balance is needed after all.

On Ith, Patrick encounters an advanced society with many marvels but which has also given up some of its freedoms and privacy.  Most of the time Patrick actually thinks he is dreaming.  But, when it all becomes clear to him he has to make a decision - help prevent what happened on Ith from happening on Earth or just pretend not to care.

The book was interesting.  There were parts I enjoyed and then there were parts that really annoyed me.  It became apparent, when there were less than 100 pages left, that it was not going to end well.  I am sure there is a sequel in the works.  Patrick is back on Ith but the fight has just started in the quest to save Earth…

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