Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sasquatch in the Paint by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


Theo has grown 6 inches over the summer and now everything looks different.  He still wants to be on the Brain Team for academics and he's good at it but he can't help being flattered at being asked to be on the basketball team.  Only problem...he's really not that good at basketball.  Added into the mix is a mysterious girl named Rain and some motorcycle guys who seem to be on her case, his dad's ventures into the online dating scene, his changing relationships with his best friend, and the discovery that his cousin's musical aspirations might have some validity.  Taken together the book was engaging and interesting with a good plot twist.

When I think about the book as a whole I have to decide whether students at my school will be interested.  For some reason sports books are not real big in my school so that is a point against it.  With the main characters being 13 year old boys there is some sexual talk.  It wasn't anything bad but my school now only goes up to 5th grade.  Although I liked the book okay I probably won't get it for my library.

It was a ribbit because the story was pretty good...

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