Saturday, August 10, 2013

Razia's Ray of Hope by Elizabeth Suneby


This book is based on real life experiences at the Zabuli Education Center for Girls near Kabul, Afghanistan.  In this book Razia really wants to go to school.  Her younger brothers go but her father and older brother are concerned that going to school will keep her from helping her family.  Razia is very persistent and with the help of her grandfather, mother, and the teacher convince her father and older brother that she should be allowed to attend.

This book would be very good for students who don't always appreciate the value of education.  In addition, it allows them to see and understand another culture.

On the flyleaf it says that "around the world, about 69 million school-age children are not in school".  I have been to Guatemala many times and although school is free many children do not attend.  This book and others like it can draw attention to the problem and hopefully inspire others, like Razia Jan, to go and teach or help out in some way.


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