Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jinx by Sage Blackwood


Jinx lives in Urwald but is unwanted.  His stepfather plans to abandon him in the woods, but Simon the wizard rescues him.  Jinx lives with Simon for several years and works as a servant and learns some magic from him.  But Jinx is never sure if he can fully trust Simon and when Simon does some mysterious magic on Jinx he feels he needs to leave and try to undo the spell.  Along the way he meets two other children who have been cursed.  Together they journey to the Bonemaster's house in search of answers.  Is the Bonemaster evil or is Simon?  Who can Jinx trust?

I enjoyed this book.  It has gotten a lot of buzz.  I am not sure I think it is fabulous but I did like it.


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