Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Ghost of Graylock by Dan Poblocki

This book is a nominee on the Maine Student Book Award list for 2013-2014.  I like a good mystery / scary book (big fan of Mary Downing Hahn) and once this got going I enjoyed it.  

Neil and his sister Bree are staying with their aunts for the summer.  One of the first things they do is explore Graylock Hall.  Graylock Hall is an abandoned hospital for children and teenagers with mental issues.  Unfortunately it closed after several "accidents" that resulted in the deaths of several patients.  One nurse was a prime suspect and it is said her ghost haunts Graylock.  Neil and his sister do encounter a ghost.  In fact, it starts to follow them around.  Is it the ghost of Nurse Janet?  Or is there something more sinister afoot?  Ghosts can't hurt the living, can they?

Like I said, once the book got going I enjoyed it. I got bogged down somewhat in part 1 but then it started to move more.


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