Saturday, August 24, 2013

Rose by Holly Webb

Interesting to note...this is what the cover looks like when I read it on NetGalley but when I did an image search I found quite a few other covers.  When I looked around it appears that this was originally published in 2009 in the UK and is now being published in the US in paperback.  Not sure if it will qualify for MSBA.

Rose was abandoned as a child and all she has ever wanted was a place to work and be productive.  When an offer comes up to work in the home of Mr. Fountain, a famous alchemist, she jumps at the chance.  However, weird things are happening all around her.  When she was telling a story at the orphanage she saw a moving picture of the story in a shiny surface.  When she is in Mr. Fountain's house she can talk to the cat and the floors move.  Does she have magical blood?  Does she want to?

Then there is the mystery of the missing children, including Massie, one of Rose's friends from the orphanage.  Are they all runaways or is there something more sinister afoot?  And what about Miss she what she appears to be?

Rose, Freddie (the apprentice), Isabella (Mr. Fountain's spoiled daughter) and the cat join forces to solve the mystery.

I enjoyed this book.  In a way it reminded me of Far, Far Away but not quite as dark. 


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