Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wake up Missing by Kate Messner

I was really excited to get this book from NetGalley and despite my discomfort from recent spleen removal I devoured this book last night and this morning.

Cat hasn't been the same since the fall from a tree while bird watching left her with a concussion. When her family hears about an institute in the Florida Everglades that helps children with concussions they decide to send her.  When Cat arrives she meets Quentin, Ben,and Sarah and hears about two other patients named Trent and Kaylee.  Everything seems great at first - the medicines help her headaches and the other kids are nice.  But, then Cat overhears some disturbing conversations and begins to wonder if things are too good to be true.  

This book was full of suspense and action appropriate for middle schoolers.  There is some reference to drugs and obviously some shady dealings but the kids group together to solve the mystery of what is going on. 

It was interesting how this book and Menace From the Deep both took place in the Everglades and both dealt with scientific experiments gone wrong or at least done for the wrong reasons.  It would be interesting to pair these 2 new books with a study of the Everglades.

I enjoyed this book!!  Ribbit...

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