Thursday, August 8, 2013

Like Bug Juice on a Burger by Julie Sternberg


This is a sequel to Like Pickle Juice on a Cookie which I have not read.  I really don't think it is necessary to read the first book in order to understand and relate to this one.

When Eleanor's grandmother surprises her by sending her to the same 10 day camp that her mother used to go to she is very excited.  That is before she gets there and trips, doesn't do well on the swim test, hates the food, and so on.  She is so disappointed that she writes a letter in code asking to come home.  Will she end up going home or will she find some things to like about camp.

This is a very cute story.  It is quite simple - more for the 3rd grade, beginning chapter book crowd - but it works.  I would wish the characters were developed more especially Eleanor's friendship with Joplin and that there were more details about her days at camp.  But for what it is intended to be - a beginning chapter book - it is done well.


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