Sunday, August 11, 2013

Undertown by Melvin Jules Bukiet


Timothy's dad has just started dating Jessamyn's mom and decides to take them on a sailing trip.  Timothy is a little freaked out by the whole thing and isn't sure he wants their sailboat excursions intruded upon.  Everything is going okay until the two teens decide to prank their parents and unhook the sailboat from the truck.  Unfortunately, they are parked on an incline and the sailboat goes downhill through the streets of NYC and finally into a hole at a construction site.  Timothy and Jessamyn find themselves in a subterranean maze of water under the city.  Who knew there were so many things under the city - thieves, graffiti artists, and oversized rats.  While the police are trying to rescue them Timothy and Jessamyn go on an unexpected adventure.

Hmmm...I think I was expecting something more like Gregor the Overlander.  The whole thing was a bit odd.  The two didn't really want to get rescued...which I get and then there was the whole midget queen of Undertown and her gang of thieves.  The story was slow but then sped up a lot at the end.  I felt it was unclear what actually happened to Malomi and some of the others.  The book was okay, just not fabulous.

I can give it a mini ribbett...

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