Monday, June 10, 2013

Tommysaurus Rex by Doug TenNapel


Ely and his dog Tommy are best friends but when Tommy is killed by a car Ely is devastated.  Ely is sent to help on his Grandfather's farm to help get over losing Tommy.  One night after being chased by some bullies he runs into a cave and hears a sound.  When he goes back later to investigate he discovers a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  Ely and the dinosaur become good friends but he has to convince the mayor and the town that Tommysaurus is safe.  Unfortunately, the bully Randy keeps interfering.  During a display of Tommysaurus' new tricks Randy starts a fire.  Tommysaurus is afraid of fire and reacts.  Randy himself gets caught in the fire he started and Tommysaurus rescues him but dies as a result.  Randy realizes how awful he's been and is grateful to Ely and Tommysaurus and decides to give Ely his dog.  Ely discovers 2 eggs in the barn that Tommysaurus laid and gives one of the eggs to Randy. 

I am not a big fan of graphic novels but I liked this one.  Good action, good story, easy to follow.  I think students will like this one.

Ribbet :)

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