Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cassie and the Woolf by Olivia Stone

I couldn't find a picture of the cover so I'll have to do without.  I got this book from NetGalley.  I forget to mention that a lot of times.  I am able to get quite a few books from them which is nice.

Anyway I have been stewing about this review since I finished the book last night.  On the one hand I love "fractured" fairy tales or fairy tales done in a different way.  In this story Cassie (wearing a red raincoat) is picking up a meal for her and her grandmother to share.  While she is waiting out a storm Caleb Woolf smells her delicious meal and approaches Cassie.  When he finds out where she is going he races there ahead of her, gets into Grandma's apartment, and ties up Grandma.  When Cassie arrives she ended up getting knocked out.  Up to this point I was okay.  Caleb almost got away with it but he left his hoodie behind and Cassie figured out it was him.  This is where it gets sketchy.  Cassie and Grandma decide to trap Caleb and get some revenge.  They lure him back to the apartment with a promise of more food and when he gets there he finds himself locked in the apartment with the gas stove and oven on.  Really???  I get that Little Red Riding Hood was violent but do we need to promote gassing and vigilante revenge.  Maybe I am just being too old fashioned and a fuddy duddy but it didn't sit well with me.  Sorry.

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