Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Gold Dust Letters by Janet Taylor Lisle

I was a little confused by this book.  I received it from Netgalley with the publication date of 2013.  When I downloaded it the book appeared to be 99 pages (although on the ebook the pages are more like a double page spread - confusing).  Anyway I got to page 65 and it said to turn the page to continue reading the series.  Then it had several chapters from another book in the series and information about the author.  Then I looked up the book on Amazon and found it had been originally published in 1996.  I was disappointed.  I actually enjoyed the book and felt that it ended rather abruptly.  In addition most of my current reading is for the Maine Student Book Award committee that I am on and as such I am trying to read mainly 2013 books that would qualify to be on next year's list.  This one won't qualify.  I find the cover to be a bit misleading since the "fairy" in the book ends up being Angela's father.  Anyway, I liked the book well enough although like I said it ended abruptly and felt unfinished (which is why there is a series I guess).  

So ribbet or croak?  I think it has to be a croak because I was so confused...sorry :(

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