Monday, June 3, 2013

Speeding Down the Spiral: An Artful Adventure by Deborah Goodman Davis


This book was about a father and his daughter and toddler who go to the Guggenheim museum.  While the dad is on the phone the girl lets go of her brother's stroller and off he goes down the spiral.  A chase (reminiscent of the Gingerbread Man) ensues past artwork as everyone tries to stop the escaping stroller.  It creeped me out a bit when the stroller flew across the spiral at one point.  All ended well when the stroller crashed into a "humongous heap of black licorice candy".  What I liked about the book was the references to artwork that is actually at the museum.  Interestingly enough my fellow librarians and I just created a lesson about crediting works of art, etc properly and this book would tie in very well with the lesson.  So while I though the story was a bit over the top I might actually get it to tie in with my lesson.  I can give it a ribbet for that...


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