Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Far Far Away by Tom McNeal


Jeremy Johnson Johnson can hear a ghost and not just any ghost but the ghost of Jacob Grimm.  That should be a clue that this tale is going to turn into something like a Grimm tale and it does.  Jeremy and Ginger play a trick on the local baker who then takes an unusual interest in them.  Then the story gets really creepy when the baker kidnaps Jeremy and Ginger and they find he had also kidnapped another boy.  All 3 prisoners are kept in the baker's dungeon for over a month.  Can the ghost of Jacob Grimm save the children from the baker?

This was an odd story.  The action didn't really kick in til the last 60 pages or so.  It was pretty creepy and I'm not sure if it would be appropriate for my readers.  I think overall the creepiness of the book overtook the aspects I liked about it.

Just didn't work for me....

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