Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Planet Thieves by Dan Krokos

I really like science fiction...yes I am a nerd or geek or whatever it is.  I am a Trekkie - not so much a Star Wars fan.  It really doesn't seem that there is much space science fiction for Middle School readers besides all the Star Wars novels.  The Planet Thieves fits the bill.  The book is obviously influenced by Star Trek - the uniforms, the description of the bridge, the mission; Star Wars - the sword that Mason creates, the Tremist uniforms; and other space books and shows.  I liked it.  

Mason Stark and other cadets are on the ship The Egypt as part of their training during a break in their school.  The ESC and an alien race Tremist have been at war for many years and are currently racing to control a planet that would be suitable for both races who are running out of living space on their home planets.  After the Tremist board and overtake The Egypt and seize control of a "gate" that will allow them to effectively move a planet to another location Mason and the cadets find themselves in charge and the only ones left who can save the world.  

The book was full of adventure, suspense, good characterization and relationships, and not too much violence.  I understand a movie is in the works which will play well with Ender'sGame but not quite as disturbing and violent.  I felt it was a really good book that fills a void - at least in my library.  There were some things left hanging at the end which means a sequel may be in the works but the book stands alone well.


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