Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom by Christopher Healy

Who really was Prince Charming?  Did you know they actually had names - Liam, Frederic, Duncan, and Gustav?  I didn't know they had names until I read this book.  The poor princes were certainly not getting the credit they deserved.  In this book the four end up banding together to defeat a witch - to say her name would give her the recognition she does not deserve.  Cinderella or Ella as she likes to be called plays a vital role and Sleeping Beauty (Briar Rose), Snow White, and Rapunzel also make appearances.  During the course of the story the princes also come up against a giant, trolls, a dragon, and bandits.  

I thought the book was quite humorous but at 400+ pages it is long.  I have had it in my library all year but only 5 people have checked it out.  I am not sure if I will get the sequel or not.  

I give it a ribbet because I enjoyed it and it was a clever twist on the princes and I love fairy tale spoofs, extensions, etc.

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