Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Max Flash: Mission 1: Game On by Jonny Zucker


Based on the cover I though this was going to be a graphic novel.  It wasn't but it had cool illustrations anyway.  I read the digital version from Netgalley but I can imagine that the book is going to look very cool.  Boys will love this and it is very accessible for struggling readers or reluctant readers.  It was also quite funny (or maybe disturbing) - anyone for Deadly Butt Mist?

Max's parents are famous magicians and Max has become a talented escape artist and as a result the Department for Extraordinary Activity decides to send him on a mission.  Max's mission is to go into the hard drive of a programmer's computer to find a portal that was mistakenly created and keep Deezil, the villain from Slime Beasts of Death, from leading all the Virtuals into the real world to battle the Gamers.  With action, humor, gadgets, and close calls this book is sure to please.  

I enjoyed the book...ribbet...

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