Friday, November 27, 2015

My Near Death Adventures

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Stan has always believed that his father is dead.  But, when a mysterious letter arrives, Stan finds out that his father is, in fact, alive.  Stan believes his dad is just lost and either he must find his dad or his dad needs to find him.

Meanwhile, his mom takes a job as a cook at a lumber camp with his grandmother.  While there Stan keeps a look out for his dad, keeps an eye on his cousin Geri, keeps an eye out on the men who have their eyes on his mom, and tries to become a man.

Stan, as a character, was funny.  His voice was innocent and determined.  But I did have problems with the book.  First, Stan creates imaginary letters from his dad and while they are not in cursive, they are in a handwritten font.  My students would have a hard time reading it.  Also Stan has a habit of speaking his thoughts out loud.  In the text there is no way to determine when he does this except from the other characters reactions.  I was able to figure this out of course but I feel like my readers would struggle with it.

Fun story but not sure an average reader would be able to appreciate it.

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