Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Imaginary Boy

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Whoa, that was intense!  I was not expecting that.  Benji was born crippled and disfigured and in the 1800s in London that caused fear and shame. He lives up in the attic hidden away.  His father always used to tell himastory about an Imaginary Boy who could fights dragons.  But the story was never finished and his father died.  When Benji tries to finish the story and deliver it to his mother she is embarrassed.  But, then she decides to take him to the Opera House.  Maybe things are changing?  

Unfortunately Benji gets separated from his mother...or did she abandon him?  Benji becomesl lost in the city of London where a madman is on the loose.  Can Benji ever become the hero he wants to be.  

This book is intense and probably not for the faint of heart but it was powerful.  I really enjoyed it.

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