Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Last in a Long Line

On the surface this was a pretty cool story.  In fact, it reminds me of something I have thought about writing myself.  Lou lives in a really old house but it is in danger of being torn down.  Lou wants to find a way to  save the house either by discovering the secret gold that was stolen during the Civil War or by finding a reason that the house could be a historical landmark.

I think what messed this book up for me was the back and forth with the journal - especially before she discovered it.  It was jarring and it seemed unclear why it was included.  Then when Lou did discover the journal there were really long sections of just reading the journal.  I just felt that too much was revealed in that way as opposed to action.  

I did love the whole Civil War / Underground Railroad angle and I wish there had been more about that.  I grew up in a house that was part of the Underground Railroad (or so we believe) and I have thought of trying to write about it ;0

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