Sunday, November 22, 2015

Drowned City

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This graphic novel tells the story of Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans.  It does not follow a  specific family or anything...just lays out the facts.  It has received a lot of buzz. While I feel that this is an important fact for students to know about, I was not as taken with it as others seem to be.  Perhaps I wold have liked it better if it had followed a family or had a narrator.  I also felt the references to the various administration were one sided and terse.  Perhaps that is so the reader can make p his or her own mond or do further research but for my students(who only go up to 5th grade) it was too vague and, in my opinion, biased.  But of course, I wasn't there and as it states on the flyleaf - "The suffering hit the African American community hardest; a weather disaster became a race disaster".

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