Thursday, November 19, 2015



Hmmm...lots of buzz about this book and I think the topic is timely.  George has always felt that he / she is a girl and not a boy.  When her class is doing Charlotte's Web as a play she wants to be Charlotte and although she is not cast initially, she manages to figure out a way to make it happen with her best friend Kelly.

There were parts of the book I enjoyed - treated the topic respectfully, a decent length, didn't preach or go too heavy.  I had trouble with the pronouns.  I understand the decision to go with she and her but I am not sure how my readers will react.  Because here's the thing... my school is grades 1 - 5.  I do believe that I could potentially have an audience for the book but will the pronouns throw some of my readers off?  And is that okay??  Working through my feelings on this...more from a readability stand point.

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