Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lost in the Sun

Trent is lost and angry after a he was involved in a freak accident that killed a classmate.  Now he can't stop thinking of the boy dying in different ways or playing the What If game.  The anger manifests itself at home ,and at school and has alienated him from all his former friends.  

Enter Fallon, an odd girl that somehow tolerates Trent, and an old teacher that somehow, through it all "gets him".  As the book progresses Trent learns to deal with him emotions, make peace with himself and his world, and speak truth.

At first I was not sure I was liking the book but as Trent worked through his issues - not in some miraculous breakthrough but through kindness - I found myself rooting for him.  And the ending - yeas, left you hanging - but perfect.

Loved this!!!

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