Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Blind Guide to Stinkville

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Alice and her family have just moved to Sinkville, SC where her dad is a new manager at the paper mill.  The problem is - paper mill towns stink.  To make matters worse Alice has albinism and is legally blind, her mom is depressed, her dad works too much, and her brother is angry.  Can the family adjust to their new lives and make "Stinkville" their home.

This was a nice story.  Having the albinism and blindness added a layer that we don't often see.  Yes, there were some typical middle grade issues - changing best friends, bullies, a parent who is ill - but the book felt fresh and moved along at a good clip.  Alice's friendship with Mr. Hamlin, her dog, Tooter, and the essay she was working onwere nice additions to the story.

A solid choice.

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