Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mister Max: The Book of Lost Things by Cnythia Voigt


This is another book I was able to read on NetGalley.  I do like being able to get books from them even though I still prefer print books.  

Max is the son of two famous stage actors.  When his parents receive a mysterious letter inviting them to preform exclusively in India.  Unfortunately they only receive two tickets.  While Max is told a ticket will be waiting for him at the dock he finds that a boat (not the right one) has already left (early) with his parents on it.  

Max goes back to his grandmother's house and together they try to piece together the mysterious letter left by Max's father.  Max also has to find a way to support himself and finds that he has a knack for solving problems.  In the course of the book he figures out why people are interested in his house, finds a missing dog, finds a missing antique spoon and as a result sets things right in an old family and helps a young woman get back on her feet.  Because he is the son of actors Max is good at disguises which helps him become a solutioner.  

This was a fun read.  There were several threads running throughout that connected and were solved by the end.  The biggest mystery, that of his parent's disappearance, is only partially solved.  For that, readers will have to wait for the sequel.

I enjoyed this book...ribbit....

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