Friday, September 20, 2013

Byrd and Igloo: A Polar Adventure by Samantha Seiple


So this was a very interesting story about Admiral Byrd and his flights over both the North Pole and the South Pole.  Although I had heard of Byrd I didn't really know all that much about him and the book did provide some insights into his life and adventures.  The title also mentions Igloo who was Byrd's dog who joined him on many of his adventures.  What I liked were the facts about the expeditions and the photographs.  What I didn't like was the use of Igloo as a narrator almost.  Igloo wasn't there for everything so it couldn't always be told from his "point of view" and it just seemed odd to me at times for a non-fiction book to be told from a dog's perspective.  I appreciated the fact that the dog was important to Byrd and was there a lot of the time but it just seemed disjointed at times.  

That being said, I would consider buying the book for my library because I think my students would enjoy the dog aspect and the photographs and wouldn't be bothered by what bothered me.

I am going to refrain from a ribbit or croak because I think it has elements of both and I am feeling wishy washy.

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