Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Girl Called Problem by Katie Quirk


It is 1967 in Tanzania.  Shida, which means Problem in Swahili wants to be a healer.  In her village, however, there is no chance for education and everyone just expects her to get married.  The elders of the village, inspired by the vision of President Nyerere, decided to move their village and join with another nearby village in the hopes of combining efforts and being able to provide more for the people like better education and medical care.  Not everyone is happy with the move though.  

The book is a great look at the struggles between traditional beliefs and more modern thought.  Is the sick child cursed or is it malaria?  Why do they call the widow a witch?  This was an interesting glimpse into a culture and a time that we rarely read about.  MY biggest concern about the book will be finding students who are interested in reading it.


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