Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Doll Bones by Holly Black


I have wanted to read this book for quite awhile because it is getting a lot of buzz so I broke down and bought it.  I was glad I did - partly spooky and also a great coming of age tale.  I thought it was great.  

Poppy, Zach, and Alice have been friends for a long time and play wonderful, imaginative games with dolls and action figures.  Things are changing though.  They are in middle school and Zach's father thinks Zach is too old for such games so he throws all Zach's action figures away.  Zach is devasted but doesn't know how to explain it to his friends so he just quits and things get awkward.

Then, there is the doll.  It belongs to Poppy's mother and is housed in a cabinet.  No one is allowed to touch here but she was always the Queen in their stories.  Now, the Queen has started talking to Poppy and telling her that she is really the ghost of a girl named Eleanor and she needs to be buried properly.

So the three kids set off on a Quest to return the Queen to her proper place.  Along the way they have many adventures and learn more about themselves.

I was expecting it to be more creepy but instead it was more about the changing relationship between the three kids but it was really good.


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