Sunday, September 22, 2013

Island of Thieves by Josh Lacey


Most of my blog posts are related to my work with the Maine Student Book Award committee.  Therefore, I am mostly reading and reviewing 2013 titles to see if they will be nominated for next year's list.  But, I am also a school librarian and my students are currently reading books on the 2013-2014 MSBA list.  I like to be able to recommend those books as well so I try to read all 40 of the books on the list.  This is one from the current list that I read in between some newer ones.

It all started when Tom burned down the shed.  Because of that no one wanted him to stay at their houses while his parents were on vacation.  His parents, in desperation, sent him to stay with his Uncle Harvey.  What Harvey didn't tell Tom's parents was that he was going to Peru and was going to leave Tom in New York City by himself.  Tom had other plans and managed to get his Uncle Harvey to take him along to Peru.  That's where things got crazy.  You see, Uncle Harvey was a bit of a shady character and was in trouble with a Peruvian crime lord.  On their search for the Island of Thieves and a treasure hidden hundreds of years ago Harvey and Tom face murderous thugs, dangerous roads, a language barrier, and more.  This was a great action, adventure story.  I thoroughly enjoyed it!!


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