Friday, September 13, 2013

Hattie Ever After by Kirby Larson


I have never read Hattie Big Sky.  We have it in our library but my To Read pile is so big I am not sure I will ever get to it...and I would like to based on this follow up novel.  There were a few instances where I could tell it would have been better if I had read Hattie Big Sky in order to have some background knowledge of characters but I was able to enjoy Hattie Ever After just the same.

In this book Hattie wants to fulfill her dream of being a reporter and when she gets the chance to go to San Francisco she jumps at the chance.  But at what cost?  Does Charlie understand and will he wait for her?  Can she ever get the break she needs to become a real reporter?  Then there is her search for more information about her uncle and his mysterious tie to Ruby Danvers.  

This was an interesting look at life for an up and coming female reporter right after World War I.  She met some very interesting characters, got burned a bit along the way, but emerged triumphant and satisfied with her accomplishments. 

I enjoyed the book...Ribbit...

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