Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Hate Picture Books by Timothy Young


I loved this book!  It is about a boy who decides to throw away all his picture books because the things in them can never happen, or they aren't realistic, or, in the case of Green Eggs and Ham, made him throw up.  But, when he starts talking about how one book, Are You My Mother, made him cry he realizes he actually loves the book and can't possibly get ride of it or any of the others.

This book would be perfect for my second and third graders who may think they are getting too old for picture books.  There are so many picture books mentioned and pictured in the book.  I think students would love to sit and pore over the illustrations to see which books they recognize.  I could even do a display of this book and all the others that are mentioned and/or illustrated in the book.

Big Ole RIBBETT...

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