Monday, July 8, 2013

Jam & Jelly by Holly and Nellie by Gloria Whelan


Holly needs a winter coat but her family is poor and her father says she won’t be able to go to school when the weather gets cold because they can’t afford to buy a coat.  Holly’s mom, Nellie, worries that Holly will miss too much school and says that maybe they can find some things in the woods for free and make money that way.  Through strawberry, Juneberry, raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry season Holly and Nellie pick the various berries and make them into jams and jellies.  The story also celebrates the relationship between Holly and her mom and the beautiful surroundings.  After all the jams and jellies are made Holly’s father sets up a stand that he made and they sell their product to passersby.  Come December Holly has a new coat and can go to school.
 This was a very sweet story.  It not only shows the ingenuity of Holly’s mom but it also portrays the beauty of their surroundings in both the pictures and the language.  


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