Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cinder by Marissa Meyer


Cinder is a cyborg but she has no recollection of her life before the surgery.  Now she works as a mechanic and brings in money for her stepmother.  Meanwhile, there is a plague threatening the people of earth and the prince is being pressured to marry the Queen of Luna.  Cinder soon finds that not only is she immune to the plague but she is also a Lunar.  How did she get to earth in the first place?  Who is she really? This retelling of Cinderella features cyborgs, plagues, and androids but still maintains stepmothers, a ball, and a missing shoe.  This time though the missing shoe is attached to a robotic foot.

I really enjoyed this Cinderella version.  I am a big fan of alternate versions of fairy tales and I like a good science fiction novel.  There were enough elements of the classic Cinderella to make it recognizable but had enough differences to make it intriguing.  I am looking forward to reading the sequel. 


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