Monday, July 8, 2013

Battling Boy by Paul Pope

Monsters have invaded Arcopolis and are kidnapping boys.  The city depends on Haggard West to save the day...and then he dies.  Meanwhile, on another planet a teenage boy is sent on a quest.  He lands on Earth with the job of saving the planet.  Armed with a suitcase of 12 magical t-shirts, a key, and a few other things he starts fighting monsters.  After defeating one monster with the help of his dad everyone on Earth thinks he is a new superhero.

There were a lot of loose ends with this book.  Why were the monsters kidnapping boys?  What is the story with the Battling Boy's planet and parents.  The story ends abruptly so there will obviously be more to come.  I am not really a fan of graphic novels anyway...I don't really have anything against them...just not my thing and this one didn't do much for me.


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