Monday, July 29, 2013

Scare Scape by Sam Fisher


Be careful what you wish for...right???  In this book Morton, his brother James, and his sister Melissa move into an old run down house with their father.  While mowing the lawn Morton discovers a gargoyle with a mysterious message about breaking fingers and getting wishes.  Not taking it seriously Morton wished that his scary toys from the magazine Scare Scape would be more realistic and his sister wished for an enormous closet.  James also makes a wish after a huge fight with his sister but can't actually remember what he wished for.  Unfortunately, the wishes do come true in a way they did not imagine.  The three siblings and some friends must figure out how to hide the results of their wishes and how to reverse them before it's too late.

This was a fun read.  Kids who enjoy the Goosebumps series or American Chillers will enjoy it.  The descriptions and illustrations of the creatures at the beginning of the book was a lot of fun.  The book was scary and adventurous without being overly so.  


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