Thursday, July 4, 2013

Rebel Spirits by Lois Ruby


Against her wishes Lori Chase has moved to Gettysburg with her parents to run a Bed and Breakfast there.  Her first night there she sees the ghost of a Union soldier.  She soon finds out that the Nathaniel Pierce, the ghost, was killed during the early days of July 1863 but not in the Battle of Gettysburg itself.  He was murdered.  He can only materialize around the days of the Battle and he asks for Lori’s help in solving his murder.  In addition, there are other mysterious events happening at the Bed and Breakfast and another boy vying for Lori’s attention.  Can she solve the murder before Nathaniel disappears?  What can she do about falling love with someone who has been dead for 150 years?

This was a fun book.  It helped that I was reading it at the right time – July 3rd, 150 years after the Battle of Gettysburg.  I have been to Gettysburg and although I can say I did not experience any paranormal activity there, it was kind of eerie to be at a place where so many died.  There was a good mystery to the book and a little romance.  The romance was a bit unbelievable – very quick, not a lot of substance but it was fun.


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