Monday, July 22, 2013

The Circle by Cindy Cipriano


I struggled to get through this book.  Calum's cousin Finley has been missing for almost 7 years and Calum is determined to find him.  Calum is a Sidhe which is a "fairy".  There are different clans with differing powers.  Calum's family has been living with regular people for many years because of what happened to Finley.  When Laurel moves to town everyone is curious about her because she wears a necklace with a token from a "dark" clan.  We soon discover that Laurel's brother is missing as well.  Laurel knows the truth about Calum and the Sidhe and together they set out to rescue Finley and Laurel's brother.

I felt that there was a lot missing in the book.  First, I felt that the "world" was not developed very well.  It was quite confusing.  Second, I felt there were a lot of gaps.  Time passed quickly and it felt like it was rushed.  Third, it ended abruptly.  Obviously it is a first book in a series but even so I felt there was little closure.  I came away from the book unsatisfied.


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